Welcome GW faculty to the pilot site of the WID Studio: FACULTY,  your source for online resources on teaching writing and research.

Contents – This site consists of annotated links to articles, handouts, tutorials, sample assignments, and more to help you make the writing-intensive aspect of your course as effective and successful as possible.

Right now the majority of content on this site addresses plagiarism prevention and teaching responsible research practices.  As the semester continues, the site will grow in content to include the best on the web of online writing and research resources to enhance your GW teaching experience.

How Content is Organized – Content is divided into two types. The bulk of the content on the WID Studio are resources.  Resources are presented as annotated links and listed in the dropdown menu box on the left.  The second type of content consists of topic overviews.  These topics are listed on the left and will help guide you to corresponding resouces on that topic.

Interaction – You are invited to comment in the reply box at the bottom of every page and every resource. Your comments can include how you used the resource, student responses to the assignment, or offer suggestions for other resources or modifications to a posted resource. The more comments faculty put up, the more useful the resources will become. Our hope is that the WID Studio becomes a self-generating knowledge base.

ABOUT THE WID STUDIO: The WID Studio is brought to you by the University Writing Program and the Columbia College of Arts & Science at The George Washington University.  For more information, contact the WID Studio Director, Professor Katherine Larsen <klarsen@gwu.edu>.

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  1. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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