Education Challenges of Today’s Digital Reality

These articles and wikis examine the challenges educators face understanding and utilizing new technology.  But before we start discussing the challenges, let’s address the exciting potential as represented in this visual essay by newhumanities  posted on YouTube titled “WOW” that addresses the question “What’s new in new media?”


Is Education 1.0 Ready for Web 2.0 Students
John Thompson (2007) Innovate 3 (4)p>

This article looks at how college students are using Web 2.0 applications–online tools that allow users to interact with content–and challenges academics to learn about these tools and look at how they can enhance learning. His argument is that these tools are here to stay and higher education needs to acknowledge and examine what this means.

“What’s the Matter with Kids Today? Nothing, Actually. Aside from our panic that the Internet is melting their brains.”
Amy Goldwasser.
March 14, 2008

A commentary written in response to a Feb. 26, 2008 study released by Common Core that “found our young people to be lieving in ‘stunning ignorance’ of history and literature.  Goldwasser argues that this type of study and claim reflects a lack of understanding (maybe even fear) of how today’s youth and their digital communication reality.  The article  challenges academia to recognize and embrace how students communicate today as a mean to move knowledge acquisition forward and to recognize the powerful impact this is having on all forms of writing.

Ethics, Challenges & Information
David Warlick’s Blog “2¢ Worth”
January 26, 2007

Teacher, author, and innovator David Warlick responds to the question “What is your greatest challenge in teaching appropriate, ethical use of web-based media to your students?” on his blog “2¢ Worth”


Engaging Digital Natives with Web 2.0 Tools
Wes Fyer’s wiki

This wiki examines how web 2.0 applications can be used in the classroom

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