Plagiarism Detection Services (listing)

SafeAssign, now a Blackboard tool, allows students to upload a paper and the program checks the paper’s originality against the database and online sources, producing a report that highlights content that is not original and links it directly to the identical online or database sources.

In Spring 2008, GW is piloting SafeAssign. When the pilot ends, all GW faculty will have access to SafeAssign as a Blackboard tool.

The service that has received the most attention–both good and bad–is Turnitin offers four products and services. The most discussed and controversial is the Plagiarism Prevention tool where students submit papers to the Turnitin database and the paper receives an originality report, rating the paper against web sites, commercial databases of journals and periodicals, and previously submitted student papers. Turnitin has three other lesser known services: peer review tool, tool for grading and marking papers online, and an online gradebook system.

The site offers training material for faculty and students, including videos, comprehensive manuals, and short guides

EVE2 (Essay Verification Engine) is software that an instructor downloads and installs to check student papers for plagiarism. The software compares the student paper against Internet sources and returns a report with links to web pages of possible original source material. The software costs a one-time fee of $29.00.


A regularly updated profile of all the free and fee-based plagiarism detection services. Each profile provides the URL, how the service works, the costs, and whether the service offers a free trial.

This is an e-instruction sheet on how to use to search for text copied directly from freely accessible content on the Internet.

Professional Originality Checking Tools

Academia is not the only one concerned about originality.  Publishers and corporations are equally concerned about the originality of their publications as well as protecting their intellectual property rights.  One professional tool is iThenticate made by iParadigms, the same company behind TurnItin.

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