Wikipedia, a marvel in demonstrating the power of social networking in building content, is not without its controversy.  Below are links to examples of the challenges presented by audience-generated content.

Know it All: Can Wikipedia Conquer Expertise?
by Stacy Schiff, The New Yorker, July 31, 2006

A history of Wikipedia in honor of its one millionth article.  The piece addresses many of the issues academics have with Wikipedia  from the fact that anyone can post information to cases of information inaccuracy and abuse on the site. 

Nature versus Britannica over Wikipedia Accuracy

In 2005, an article was published in Nature that claimed that information found on Wikipedia was as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica.  Britannica printed a 20 page rebuttal on its corporate web site.  Nature responded with its own press release rebuttal.


This segment from a July 30, 2006 “Colbert Report” from Comedy Central brings a humorous look at the benefits and liabilities of audience-generated content.  This segment of the Cobert Report’s The Word titled “Wikiality”

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