Ten Tips for Evaluating Student Writing (electronic article)
Toby Fulwiler’s “The Argument for Writing Across the Curriculum.”
in Writing Across the Disciplines. Young and Fulwiler, eds. Dartsmouth NH: Boynton / Cook, 1986.

Toby Fulwiler, one of the fathers of the Writing across the Curriculum movement compilled a list of tips on how to respond to student writing.  The ten tips are as follows:

  1. Respond To The Content First, Not The Mechanics, Of Each Paper You Read.
  2. Respond Positively And Personally Where Possible
  3. Revise Early Drafts; Edit Later Drafts; Grade Final Drafts
  4. Comment Critically On One Item At A Time
  5. Be Specific When You Comment On Problems.
  6. Edit A Page Or Two, Not The Whole Paper.
  7. Learning To Critique Is A Part Of Learning To Write.
  8. Discuss Samples Of Good And Bad Writing With Your Class
  9. What Is Said Includes How It Is Said: Don’t Split Grades.
  10. Understand That Good Writing Depends On Audience And Purpose

Responding to Student Writing (e-handout)
The University of Hawai‘i Mānoa Writing Program

This handout, produced by the University of Hawaii at Manoa Writing Program, discusses the challenges of responding to student writing and offers concrete tips with examples on how to provide helpful comments.

Across the Drafts: Students and Teachers Talk about Feedback (18 min. online video)
Expository Writing Program, Harvard University
Direct link to video –

This video was produced as part of the Harvard Study of Undergraduate Writing, a 4 year study of 400 students to examine the role writing plays in undergraduate education. This video looks at the role feedback plays for students and faculty.

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