Plagiarism Detection Services (overview)

One strategy faculty can use to deter plagiarism in a course is to use a plagiarism detection service to evaluate the originality of the writing.  Some of the most well-know services are Turnitin, SafeAssignment and EVE2, though many others exist.  Turnitin and MyDropBox require the instructor or student to upload papers into the service. A report is generated that identifies material that might be unoriginal with links to the possible original source.  EVE2 is software that an instructor installs; papers are reviewed for originality against web sources, potential unoriginal material is highlighted, and the URL for the source is recorded. 

The use of plagiarism detection services on high school and college campuses has both its critics and supporters.  On the one hand, many instructors applaud a tool that arms them with the ability to quickly and easily locate content that might not belong to the writer, complete with links to the possible original source.  On the other hand, some instructors question  if policing authorships is the best way to teach responsible research and writing.  To read articles on this ongoing debate, check out the resources under Plagiarism Detection Services.

Beginning Spring 2008, GW faculty will pilot SafeAssign, Blackboard’s plagiarism detection tool.  When the pilot ends, all GW faculty will have the option of using this Blackboard tool.

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