Peer Review

Peer review, in the context of a writing-intensive course, refers to a strategy instructors use for students to receive feedback from other students on their writing.

Check out these resources on peer review.

WID Workshop Handout on Peer Review (pdf) – 2008

Teaching Guide: Using Student Peer Review
Source: Writing@CSU, an online resource for teachers at Colorado State University

This is a teaching guide that walks you through the steps involved in using peer review in your course. The guide is well designed with all the topics and subtopics provided in a navigational menu on the left of the page. Topics covered include: Planning for Peer Review Sessions, Helping Students Make Effective Comments, and Helping Students Handle Divergent Advice The downside of the material is that all the examples come from a composition course.

Peer Review
Source: Manoa Writing Program

This page is an FAQ on peer review that addresses the following questions:

· What is peer review and why should I use it?

· What are feedback forms and how do I develop my own?

· How do I teach students how to respond using feedback forms?

· How do I set up and facilitate peer review sessions?

· How can I get my students to use the peer feedback they receive?

· How has peer review been used in other WI classes at UH Mānoa?

The page also includes sample criteria grids and response sheets from several disciplines such as business, biology, creative writing, and literature.

Strategies for Teaching with Online Tools: Peer Review
Source: Nick Carbone, New Media Consultant, Bedford Workshops on Teaching Writing Online

This guide provides over 10 peer review activities with full explanation of the activity, its benefits, and how to use the activity to teach revision. Some of the exercises are from Peter Elbow and Pat Belanoff’s classic Shasring and Responding (New York: Random House, 1989).

STARTING POINT-Teaching Entry Level Geoscience: Peer Review
Source: Laura Guertin, Pennsylvania State University Delaware County

An excellent resource for exploring how peer review can be used in large classes and in science courses. The web site walks through who, what, and how of peer reviews with many examples and additional resource material from online links to supplemental reading.


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