WID Writing Handbook Project

WID Writing Handbook Project

Have you ever considered compiling your suggestions on the writing component of your course into a formal guide or handbook for your students? That’s what ten GW faculty members have done, thanks to a new funding initiative sponsored by the WID Program.  This program is designed to encourage new and continuing WID faculty to reflect systematically about writing in their field and to provide practical, written guidance for undergraduate students regarding the goals, purposes, methods, and standards of research and writing in their discipline and in their WID courses. Participating faculty members attend two workshops, draft a 7-15 page handbook and receive feedback from colleagues before submitting a final e-version to the WID Director. After completing their projects, they receive a cash stipend for their efforts. Faculty who are interested in participating in future workshops should contact Professor Christopher Sten ( csten@gwu.edu ) for further information.


American Studies
Writer’s Handbook/ Amst/Hist/Wmst 139W

Student Handbook BADM 76W~Analysis of Business Issues – Warren Sharp

A Guide to Writing a Proseminar Research Paper for Economics/ECON 198 – Joseph Pelzman


  • Writing Handbook for English/ENGL171W – Evelyn Schreiber
  • Writing Handbook for ENGL72 -Intro to American Literature – Evelyn Schreiber
  • A Short Guide to Writing an Academic Paper – Yaron Peleg
  • History

  • Writer’s Handbook/ Amst/Hist/Wmst 139W
  • A Guide to Writing a Research Paper – Dr. Angela Iovino
  • Guide to Writing in the Discipline/ History 102W – Katrin Schultheiss
  • Honors
    A Writing Guide for Honors/HONR47 & 48 – R.J. Shepherd

    International Affairs

  • A Guide to Writing a Research Paper – Dr. Angela Iovino
  • WRITING FOR RIGHTS A Handbook to Accompany IAFF 190W – Michele A. Clark
  • Journalism
    Reporting and Writing News / SMPA 110W- Myron Belkind

    A Guide to Writing Research Papers for Introductory Microbiology/BiSc 137 and BiSc 137W – David Morris

    A Guide to Writing Philosophy Papers – Tadeusz Zawidzki

    Writing Physics Papers (Phys 151W – Intermediate Laboratory) – Igor Strakovsky

    Political Science
    A Guide to Writing a Research Paper – Dr. Angela Iovino

    Laboratory Manual/PSYCH 106W – John Philbeck

    Science and Technology
    A Guide to Writing Assignments in Science and Technology Policy – Catherine Woytowicz

    Social and Psychological Sciences
    A Handbook Designed for Writing in the Social and Psychological Sciences/EXSC 141W – Amanda J. Visek

    Women’s Studies
    Writer’s Handbook/ Amst/Hist/Wmst 139W


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